Award-Winning Tire Wash!

Another BAI project at Central Landfill in Cecil County Maryland wins an award from the County Engineers Association of Maryland (CEAM)….2015 Small Project of the Year.  The award was presented to the County, BAI, and the Contractor at the CEAM Fall Conference in September.

BAI designed this state-of-the-art tire wash facility for this long-time solid waste client.  We also provided bid services, assisted with contractor selection, and oversaw the construction.  The design features a prefabricated tire wash unit, a low pressure / high volume system, and the ability to accommodate a wide variety of truck fleet sizes.

Fine-grained clays at the site contributed to the unique challenges of the project.  In line with their mission to be good stewards of the environment, the County has deemed the project a success with soil tracking and dust control being significantly reduced as a result of the new tire wash facility.  Long term financial benefits associated with washing fleet vehicles (particularly snow removal vehicles heavily exposed to salt) is under evaluation and expected to be significant.  Commercial waste haulers and County residents who utilize the facility have also provided an overwhelmingly positive response.

“The tire wash facility will yield multiple benefits to the County and its citizens,” said Scott Flanigan, County Director of Public Works, for a recent press release. “Not only will the tire wash facility better serve our  landfill customers by cleaning their trucks before they exit the landfill and go back out onto public roads, it will also help safeguard water quality by helping to keep that dirt out of local rivers and streams and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. We also intend to run County vehicles thru the system periodically to help keep them clean, thereby helping to extend their service lives and save money.”


In addition to CEAM recognition, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of SWANA toured the project earlier this year and featured an article in their newsletter.

Congratulations to the project team (Rick Stratton, P.E. and Chris Fisher – design; Jordan Rajan, P.G. – construction services) for their hard work and dedication to our client.