Celebrating a Quarter of a Century at BAI Group Inc.

Yes, Steven Harshbarger has been with BAI for 25 years! Congratulations on such an achievement, we are so happy to continue this amazing partnership! Over the years, Steve has learned a lot and continues to grow and change with BAI. According to Steve, he has seen a lot of change not only for BAI as a company but mainly with the software he uses every day, AutoCAD. Good and helpful changes. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, the switch to civil engineering was a challenge at first. Of course he has risen to that challenge. Having been at BAI for 25 years, Steve has accrued many a memorable experience. He hasn’t always been in the same place though, Steve spent 8 years working in our Pittsburgh office before returning to State College. On one occasion in particular, permitting for a Conestoga Landfill, Steve remembers working very closely with the client as well as the great people at BAI to reach their critical deadline on time. This deadline was, of course, only met through working several 100+ hour weeks and many late nights of pizza to get the project finished. Now that’s commitment.

The camaraderie between Steve and his coworkers is proved in the fun they have together not only at work, but at company outings and events. Steve won two awards at one golf outing in particular, the first for the straightest and furthest drive, and the second for the most balls lost in one game. When Steve isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his two children and his wonderful wife whom he has been married to for 22 years. Everything from camping, fishing, hiking and biking, Steve and his family are always ready to spend time with each other and nature. Steve is a self- proclaimed “car nut”, frequenting many car shows as well as maintaining his own cars and keeping them shiny and clean. He takes pride in all of the things he does, from home improvements and cars to the projects he completes at BAI every day.

“Every job has its good and bad, but it’s never been hard for me to come to work.  I’ve really enjoyed working for BAI and that’s why I’ve been here for 25 years.”

This quote from Steve truly exemplifies what it is to commit to something and to see it through to completion. As a company, we align with this commitment to excellence and the perseverance it takes to get the job done. BAI is truly grateful for all that Steve has done and for what he continues to do. We look forward to another 25 years!

(the photo above is from 1994, a short time after he started with us)